The Storytelling Series: Monuments and Memorials

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The Storytelling Series: Monuments and Memorials

May 6, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

NOMA Atlanta is presenting the Storytelling Series to share thoughts and ideas for how we, as designers and architects, can play a more integral role in how we narrate the stories we tell through our design work and community engagement. We are identifying organizations and individuals who showcase impactful ways to celebrate people, art, culture, and history through their design, use of activism, communities and education. In this series segment, we are talking with the DAP Collective  on how they tell stories through their initiatives.


The lecture will discuss the direct action and methodologies of installing Buildable Memorials into spaces and communities through conversation and examples.  These memorials and monuments illustrate the people, places and futures stolen by white supremacy and state-sanctioned violence.  Come learn how to coordinate, illustrate, assemble and install pop-up memorials in public spaces, sites of protest, and places where land and/or life have been lost to racial violence.


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