Message From The President

Message From The President

“Welcome! As I reflect on the influence and impact that NOMA has had on my life personally, I feel a deep joy and duty to serve as the 2020-2021 president of the Atlanta Chapter of The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). I am thrilled to continue my¬† service to my community, profession, and chapter as a part of an always energetic and vibrant organization; one in which a strong leadership team works to offer quality programs in professional development, mentoring , and networking opportunities for our membership and the communities we serve.”

As we continue to advocate for our communities, champion our membership, and mentor future generations, we also remember to celebrate design excellence and rigor. Our greatest gift as designers is the impact the stroke of our pens has on the world. These designs have a direct correlation to the policies and practices in place. We must leverage our skills to positively impact all communities, justly and equitably. This work is a continuation of our rich history and influence of past leaders and advocates. We stand on their shoulders to continue to progressively move the needle forward. As we continue to make progress in having our ideas, work, and value integrated into the main stream of our profession and the design community, it is important that we do not lose focus on the strength of our collective voice. We have a wealth of experience in our seasoned members, working professionals, and emerging talent poised to meet the future of our growing profession. The collaborative spirit of NOMA is embodied by the work of our board of directors and the many affiliated organizations which work in tandem with us. We hope to grow these relationships and foster lasting connections and networks.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website. Join us for not only our events and programs throughout the year, but in also achieving our mission. Join us!!!

Best regards,

Ralph Raymond, NOMA, AIA, NCARB